Sarah - US MD

Helped guide and prepare me for my exam.

You can definitely tell that Muhammad is both very knowledgeable in medicine and skillful as a tutor. His guidance helped me learn how to properly approach questions and determine which areas needed more content review. I felt fully prepared by the time I had to take my exam

Victoria - US MD

Great Tutor!

I’ve been working with Muhammad since January 2024 to prepare for my USMLE Step 1 exam. He is a very kind, patient, professional, and affordable tutor who is extremely knowledgeable in both content and test strategy.

During sessions, he pointed out any content gaps I had and explained the material with drawings and mnemonics to give me a foundational understanding of the content to later build upon when I did a deeper review of the material afterwards. He also helped me improve my test strategy to a point where I could come up with an accurate diagnosis within the first sentence or two and could start to predict what the question and answers would be about because he trained me to see disease patterns faster and to better understand how these diseases are presented and translated from medical terminology into layman terms. As a result, my timing improved, and I decreased my habit of self doubt and impulsively changing my answers.

With Muhammad's guidance, my confidence and knowledge improved over these last 4 months as evidenced by my score improvements on practice tests and question blocks. I wish I had found and worked with Muhammad earlier as he truly is a fantastic tutor. If you're struggling with content or test strategy on any of the USMLE Step exams, I'd recommend contacting Muhammad to help you overcome these obstacles

Tory - ENT Resident

Amazing usmle coach

Hey guys. I wanna tell you about my amazing USMLE coach. I’ll be short and sweet and say that my med school journey was a bit rough- hit some bumps in the road during med school and felt very unprepared for USMLE step 3. Didn’t excel on steps 1 and 2 and just felt like a fish out of water.
And then I met Mohammad.
I stumbled upon his paper ad in my med school library and emailed him on a whim. Apparently he did a rotation here for a while before returning back home overseas. To overcome the obstical of matching as an international student, he has a strategy: to be an amazing candidate that no one can turn away. On his journey to being untouchable, he has mastered the Step exam in every way. He knows how test writers think and how to beat them. He scored 260+ on his step 1 and 2 and offered to tutor me in step 3 even though he hadn’t taken it yet (and was amazing at it haha).

He’s a very gifted guy and he is prepared to teach you everything you need to know - he filled in knowledge gaps, and also taught me test taking strategies. I used to struggle to finish my tests on time, but Mohammad gave me a paradigm to simplify it and get me to the answer more quickly.

I did well on the test and I know it’s because of Mohammad.

Best part is, the price is fair, and he is free most days. He worked with me as often as I wanted and for as long as I needed.

I have never posted on redddit before until this haha but if you were lost like me, whether it’s step 1,2 or 3- don’t worry. Just reach out to this guy and he will get you there !

Alex - US MD

Thanks! He helped me rebuild my confidence in studying for STEP1 and eventually lead to me passing that brutal test!

Leenah - US IMG

Great Helping Tutor Muhammad helped me with prepping for Step 1 before transition to pass/fail. He is awesome! He helps you build confidence and keeps a check on that nerve wrecking anxiety during dedicated period. He taught me to keep calm and approach each question using his test taking strategies. If you self doubt yourself often, he is the one to work with and learn from. He has a very refined approach to tackling any problem you might be facing. He helped me avoid preventable mistakes which also increased my score by a good number of points. Would recommend him as your tutor.


Awesome Tutor Muhammad really helps you to analyze each question and focuses on test-taking strategies. I had a moment of panic towards the end of my dedicated as my NBME/UWSA scores dropped but Muhammad really helped me to pull myself together and pass the exam. I didn't get to fully implement his strategies during my Step 1 prep but am determined to use it for Step 2 and get the score I want. Thank you so much Muhammad for being accommodating and immensely helpful! His explanations and strategies are a MUST for any student with weak basics and test-taking skills!!!

Mohammad - European IMG

The best tutor in USMLE, he is smart, kind, knows really well how to guide you through your preparation, I was completely lost and nervous, and by his advices I could achieved more than 30 Points jump from 212 too 245, thank you so much Mohammad and Keep it up

Farah - IMG

It was great experience It was great experience,esp. our sessions of disccusing my nbme mistakes,change my approach to q. completely, help me improve my nbme score and passing the exam with a score I was dreaming of,highly recommended 🦾🦾

Subhi - IMG

Reach out to Muhammad ASAP. we first had a session on 16/8, he told me to get a nbme the next day and it was in the 220s .. I was shocked, I prepared for almost 6 months now! , my approach must be wrong ... he guided me through the proper way of preparing for step 1 .. he was the absolute best tutor you can imagine, whenever I wanted to schedule an appointment I was amazed by how quickly we could schedule an appointment.

one more thing I love about Muhammad is his deep solid understanding of concepts, I saw many tutors, they all know what's right or whats wrong, but no one - and I'm absolutely certain that no one knows WHY everything is the way it is like Muhammad, his foundations are solid, I would ask him about sth and honestly he would explain it to me even better than Jason Rayen ( obviously you would think I'm exaggerating, schedule an appointment and you'll see ) towards the end of my prep I was able to raise my nbme score to 250+, I didn't do uworld second pass, I didn't use Anki, I just followed what he said step by step, inch by inch in the day before the exam he talked to me and gave me comfort and reassurance and we did a final strategy review during the exam I called him during every break, he gave me confidence and made sure I was in the right path and I wasn't making preventable mistakes

I can never thank this guy enough

Emilio - Canadian IMG

Muhammad has a strong mastery of the basic science material and generally understands what it takes to get to 250+ on step 1. After preparing for Step 1 by myself for a while and feeling lost, I contacted Muhammad and got his input. I only had a little amount of time with him, but putting to practice his recommendations helped bring my scores up by 20 points in NBME exams within 3 weeks. I can't help but imagine what I could've done with just another 3 more.

If I could do things over again, I would have gotten Muhammad's help from the beginning. Don't wait until the last minute, talk to Muhammad, let him help you come up with a plan, and stick to it. I promise you won't regret it.

Sunny - US MD

Muhammad is Amazing.

He took the time to go through question strategy with me slowly and prepare me well for my exam. I started working with him for the last 3-4 weeks of my prep. Throughout exam day, he messaged me every hour between blocks to give me advice, remind me to stay calm etc... He was a tutor yes but also he was a coach through this whole process. I get nothing by writing this review, I just think everyone should have a tutor like him going through step. I have a few friends taking the exam next year and have told them they need to talk to Muhammad from day 1 of prep.

Abdikadir - IMG

Just did my exam and Thanks to Muhammad it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. If you need someone in your corner throughout this process who is always on time for your sessions and gives his absolute best in making you achieve your goal, it's Muhammad. If you want someone who will help you understand and analyze the questions you are answering, this is your person. Before I started his sessions, I knew I had good knowledge but the problem came in answering the questions. He helped me understand how to answer questions and try to understand what the examiner is looking for and that helped me out a lot. Before I would just read the question and it was either I knew it or not but after the sessions with him, even the questions I had no clue most I was able to understand or at least figure out what they were trying to ask...He helped me figure out my own exam-taking strategy tailored to my weakness when it came to answering questions. The exam is doable you just have to be smart on how to approach it and I promise Muhammad has got your back. Hope more people out here are able to benefit from him. You've put in all the hardworking, now you just need to approach it in a smart way. For this, he's got your back

Zain - US MD

Muhammad was a key part of my USMLE STEP 1 preparation. I was really scared of NBME until Muhammad sat me down and went through NBME questions with me. Not only is his knowledge of the sciences unmatched, his strongest factor is his knowledge regarding exam strategy. I will say that at first, I did not appreciate the guidance and knowledge about how to prepare for the exam, and prepare for what comes along with exam day; until I was actually sitting in my exam. HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR EVERYONE, (No matter where you are starting)! Muhammad will ensure that you are at your 100% best on exam day!

Sherman - US IMG

I go on Step 1 Reddit group to find support, updates and feedback from recent test takers. Mohammad's post caught my eyes when he said he recently took the test, got great scores, and offering tutoring to help others. Skepticism is in my nature, but I messaged Mohammad anyway and when we chatted, he was very nice and he knew what he was talking about. So I gave it a shot and I am 100% very happy that I did.

This is the type of help I was looking for, he was very relatable and offered great advice on study strategies and angels to attack questions. I'm telling you, this guy is very smart ! I have gone through review course, had study partners and as well trial and errors with self studying. But never been able to find someone that can help me in this level of detail. He is very responsive with his messages, never late to our appointment ( Actually, I had to reschedule a few times and he was very accommodating) .

Chelsea - US MD

When I first decided to try Mohammed as a tutor, I was mid way through my dedicated prep and I wanted someone in whom had done well on Step 1 in order to gage their thinking process as they went through these exams. I thoroughly enjoyed all my sessions with Mohammed; whenever I wanted to schedule a session, he quickly made time and I never waited more than a day to meet with him. He was very patient and went through specific and targeted aspects to help me improve my testing taking skills especially with questions I had not come across yet.

After each session, he would provide me with a list of things we went over and specific pointers that I should keep in mind when going through these exams. I am very grateful for meeting Mohammed because he never made me feel rushed during a session and always reiterated that this test was doable.

On top of everything, he was very affordable, especially for the average medical student. My only regret is not finding him when I first started my dedicated preparation. I hope to continue to seek his help in the future especially for my Step 2 CK. If you want an affordable tutor in addition to a patient and encouraging tutor who will guide you into the mindset of a top scorer, then I would highly recommend Mohammed. I am thankful to have had him apart of my dedicated process.